If there is a chance to be an animal, i would like to be
Wednesday, September 1 @ Wednesday, September 01, 2010 {1} //
assalamualaikum people! very cheer and happy today. nothing much happened during at school but there is one thing make me kinda annoyed with it. it's okay, let put it aside and i would like to build castle in the air. so the topic is if there is chance to be an animal, i would like to be a bird of course!

why i choose to be a bird? not much reasons behind it. well, look at the bird. it can fly as high as they want, they can travel as far as they can and they can go anywhere without any obstacles. so? this is the main reason i want to be a bird.

i want to be free, unemployed and nothing can stop me from doing anything that i wish to do so. bird only has one special characteristic. they can fly. fly and fly. i wish to be a bird because i move randomly. i get bored of something too fast and uncontrolled. if i could be a bird, i want to see people activities out of my space here. means that, i can travel anywhere to find out anything happened out there non-stop. 

i still remembered my conversions with my friends, Zee Zaty. She was the one who asked me what would i be if i were given a chance to be an animal? so, i said i want to be bird. she agreed with me without asking me much question. she said she want to be an ant. so small and petite. first i laughed, then i wonder why. easy to die she said. she knew very well how to pull my leg every time. well, people has their own opinion.

some bird is kept in the cage. oh please they are so pity. bird is not for frame! they should fly freely in the air and chipping noisily! so, please don't kept animal in any cage because they have their own right to live their life.

so folks, i want to be a bird if there is chance to be an animal. i got to go and let chit chat later okay. i am planning to post something related about previous post. so just wait and see okay! take care dear. Smile!


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