bored night.
Wednesday, September 22 @ Wednesday, September 22, 2010 {0} //
assalamualaikum and hello peeps!

what a bored night and nothing so special happened today. like usual, spending so many times at school,  then went back home and it continues everyday. i'm tired and little bit annoyed with my schedule but what choice do i  have? i have no other options now, so i need to be patience. yes, patience.

you know what people? we went to charity homes where old folks live there. we were heading there about at 2.15 pm and we arrived at 2.30 pm. this is my first time visiting old folks and it brings lot of memories for me. i will always keep it in my mind and never erase it even though i lost my mind.

after the speech from the officer, we managed to visit the old people lives there. before that, we were having evening break. only tea was served. then, all of us were brought by the officer to see the overview of the place. kinda nice place for them, maybe.

at first, i was cried. why? because i was touched by their face and their situation there. they were leave by their kids and they are thrown by their own flesh blood. they have no place to stay. so, charity home is the final destination for them. instead of old folks, there are also other residents who shared with the old people. there are five under aged girls  who managed to escaped from their family.

after a while, i did to make myself feel like my own home. there are so many nice grandmother who welcomed us with bright smile and very warm. they seemed so happy when we try to approach them by shaking hands. shaking hands? not really.

not everybody are happy. there was some old folks not really welcomed us. so, we just smile and pray for them. i admit that sometimes i hurt my mom feelings, make her go bananas, but i really love her. i promised to myself before the bus leave the charity home that i won't send my mom to any charity home and i want to take care of her when she grows old. i want and i will do that. insyallah.

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